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Ecovative is...


a world leading biomaterials company creating and scaling environmentally-friendly products that are cost and performance competitive with conventional materials.

Featured Materials


Myco Board

Current applications: furniture components and work surfaces

We’re manufacturing a replacement for particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard. Rather than using harmful resins, we bind particles together with our natural resin. We make molded shapes or large panels, and also thin ply materials that are more flexible.

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Myco Foam

Current applications: packaging - In development applications: insulation, acoustics

Replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with our Earth friendly alternative! Today we’re making Mushroom® Packaging- a protective packaging product that companies like Dell and Stanhope Seta are using today. We’re also developing Mushroom Insulation and acoustics, core materials, and aquatic products.

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Myco Make

Current applications: teddy bears, balls, anything you can imagine!

Our Grow It Yourself program is a chance for you to create your own projects and products with our raw material! Get all of the tools you need to do it here.

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“The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Dedicated to Social Good”

- Fast Company

New York's Ecovative Design Collaborates to Make Bodysurfing Handplanes Disappear

Written by Ecovative | 02/10/16

Sean Starky on the North Shore of Oahu testing the Ecovative Mushroom Board core coated with Entropy Dissolvable resin for an Enjoy Handplane, made for Patagonia.  

Sustainable solutions for set design

Written by Birgit Heidsiek | 02/08/16


Sustainable Attractions and Standards: Reflections on the BIFMA 360˚ Leadership Conference

Written by Ecovative | 01/28/16

by Jon Parry Business Development Manager Austin, Texas   I had the opportunity to spend an interesting three days at the Business and Institutional Manufacturers Association’s (BIFMA) annual 360˚ ...

Ecovative raises almost $4 million in its quest to sustainably furnish your office

Written by Chelsea Diana | 01/28/16


In Davos, a Chance for Entrepreneurs to Network With Top Leaders

Written by Stacy Cowley | 01/20/16


The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics

Written by Ellen MacArthur Foundation | 01/19/16


Great Ideas Are Our Best Currency

Written by Rick Fedrizzi | 01/14/16


Ecovative: From The Perspective of Emily Moore

Written by Ecovative | 12/17/15

This is a new blog series where we interview a handful of new employees across different departments to see their view of Ecovative! First up, we interviewed Emily Moore- Ecovative’s Director of First Impressions. Emily has been in this role for about 2 months.

Remembering Chris Charbonneau

Written by Ecovative | 12/14/15

On Flag Day, June 14th, 2015, Ecovative lost a valued member of our team. Chris Charbonneau was a man that came into work every day with incredible gusto and enthusiasm. The passion, work ethic, and humor that he brought into our daily lives will forever be missed. Chris is remembered every day at our home away from home. I still sometimes expect to see him when I turn the corner around the dryers, ...

The mightily pleasing world of mushroom plastics

Written by Jennifer Huizen | 12/09/15


Compost and Carrots from Myco Foam Nutrients

Written by Ecovative | 12/04/15

By Julian Hadley Step 1: Making the Compost For this experiment, I used two compost bins that I have at home. 1 compost bin contained Myco Foam pieces in it as the brown matter, and the other bin had sugar maple leaves with some twigs in it as the brown matter. The gr...

GIY Adventures with Our Young Scientists!

Written by Ecovative | 12/01/15

I would guess that science is not a typical topic discussed at most family dinners, especially when the audience consists of a 5 and 3 year old. However at my house, science is always on the table, and conversations from cell division, human anatomy, and celestial orbits are common place (particularly between me and my 5 year old son Carter). Being a scientist by trade, I find great joy when my son asks if we can play science on a Saturday ...

Tapping Into Nature

Written by Terrapin Bright Green | 11/25/15


Creating Solutions With Nature's Genetic Toolbox

Written by Kate Hall | 11/24/15


Top 10 green building products for 2016

Written by Emily Peiffer | 11/19/15


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