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Ecovative is...


a world leading biomaterials company creating and scaling environmentally-friendly products that are cost and performance competitive with conventional materials.

Featured Materials


Myco Board

Current applications: furniture components and work surfaces

We’re manufacturing a replacement for particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard. Rather than using harmful resins, we bind particles together with our natural resin. We make molded shapes or large panels, and also thin ply materials that are more flexible.

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Myco Foam

Current applications: packaging - In development applications: insulation, acoustics

Replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with our Earth friendly alternative! Today we’re making Mushroom® Packaging- a protective packaging product that companies like Dell and Stanhope Seta are using today. We’re also developing Mushroom Insulation and acoustics, core materials, and aquatic products.

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Myco Make

Current applications: teddy bears, balls, anything you can imagine!

Our Grow It Yourself program is a chance for you to create your own projects and products with our raw material! Get all of the tools you need to do it here.

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“The World's Best Sustainability Ideas”

- Forbes

Top 10 green building products for 2016

Written by Emily Peiffer | 11/19/15


How the CEO of Ecovative, Eben Bayer, is Using Biology to Create Disruptive Solutions

Written by Christopher Harrison | 10/27/15


Ecovative and the Growing Mushroom Materials Boom

Written by Christopher Harrison | 10/20/15


Enjoy Handplanes - Patagonia (video)

Written by Steve Cachero | 10/01/15


Gunlocke Seat Back Goes Red-List Free Using Mushrooms

Written by Candace Pearson | 09/08/15


Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at World Maker Faire- limited edition GIY kit available!

Written by Ecovative | 09/01/15

Who: Ecovative and Danielle Trofe What: Grow It Yourself! at 6th Annual World Maker Faire Where: New York Hall of Science, Queens When: September 26 & 27 10AM – 6PM  Details: Ecovative, an upstate...

Designing Shiro- A Stool Created with Mushroom Materials

Written by Ecovative | 08/17/15

Shiro is an appealing stool, designed with the innovative Mushroom Material in mind. It is the outcome of a research and design process, which questioned the integration of a new material in furniture design. A material that uses the growing process of mushrooms to create...

Interested in Becoming an Ecovator?

Written by Ecovative | 08/04/15

Are you interested in joining Ecovative’s dynamic, fun, and motivated team? If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Careers page lately, you should make your way over there right now to see what roles we’re currently hiring for (it’s about 4 positions right now!). Since we are actively hiring, we figured it was a good time to provide some insight into our ...

Steelcase, Students, and Sustainability

Written by Ecovative | 07/24/15

Written by Kaitlyn Aholt and Alicia Crawford- Materials Chemistry at Steelcase This past March, Steelcase’s Materials Chemistry team (part of Global Environmental Sustainability team) took a trip out to Cherry Creek Elementary in Lowell, Michigan to spend the morning with Mr. Audia's 4th grade science class. He periodically brings in guest speakers to talk about their careers and give his students an idea of the many different...

A Biodegradable Urn, Grown by Florian Gregor

Written by Ecovative | 07/14/15

Hi everyone! My name is Florian Gregor, I am 24 years old and from Salzburg, Austria. I have been studying Forest Products Technology and Timber Constructions at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. In my bachelor degree course we have been working a lot with wood materials. Due to the University I studied at, I am constantly confronted with the topic of sustainability. This year I w...

Quirky explores GIY Mushroom Material

Written by Ecovative | 06/24/15

An Eco-vative idea: biodegradable mushroom packaging This post originally appeared at www.quirky.com [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGtKohx1k4E]   Ever think...

Ecovative Featured in Post-Petroleum Design Book

Written by Ecovative | 05/26/15

"Around the world, more and more people are growing concerned about oil and its consequences and are moving toward new alternatives. This movement is happening at all scales, from major auto manufacturers developing biodegradable vehicles to individuals saying no to pl...

Ecovative Supports New York Industrial Hemp

Written by Ecovative | 05/14/15

New York is taking its first steps toward regulating the growth of industrial hemp, joining 19 other states with sanctioned programs. Industrial Hemp – the plant Cannabis sativa L. with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content no greater than 0.3% - can be transformed into a myriad of products ranging from cordage to automotive parts and yes, even Mushroom® M...

GIY- Gettin’ Technical

Written by Ecovative | 05/12/15

Just as spring is in full bloom, so is our recently launched GIY program. Since the launch, we’ve been inundated with orders and many questions regarding some of the more technical aspects of our GIY Mushroom® Material. Why did we choose this amount of material to put in the GIY bag? Why do we need to use plastic bags with a filter-patch? Why do we need to add water? These are some of t...

This Entrepreneur Is Literally Growing The Future Of Manufacturing

Written by Alex Knapp | 05/06/15


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