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a leading biomaterials company growing high performance, premium, award-winning products that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable. Ecovative products enable customers—including Fortune 500 companies, international mills, and furniture makers—to meet their design, production, and delivery needs while achieving sustainability goals.

Ecovative Interiors

Ecovative’s new sustainable, healthy product line available now for home and office interiors.

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Featured Materials

Myco Board

Current applications: furniture components and work surfaces

​MycoBoard is a premium, customizable, certified sustainable engineered wood. It is bound together using mycelium—“nature’s glue”—which is formaldehyde-free, safe, and healthy. This versatile, non-toxic engineered wood, which offers acoustic and fire-resistant properties, can be molded into custom shapes or pressed into boards, making it an ideal solution for the architectural and design community.

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Myco Foam

Current applications: packaging - In development applications: insulation, acoustics

Replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with our Earth friendly alternative! Today we’re making Mushroom® Packaging- a protective packaging product that companies like Dell and Stanhope Seta are using today. We’re also developing Mushroom Insulation and acoustics, core materials, and aquatic products.

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Myco Make

Current applications: teddy bears, balls, anything you can imagine!

Our Grow It Yourself program is a chance for you to create your own projects and products with our raw material! Get all of the tools you need to do it here.

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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

- R. Buckminster Fuller

Ecovative Shop

Visit our Shop to buy MycoBoard™ Tiles, MycoFoam™ Tiles, “Grow It Yourself” Material, and many other products!

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Heading out the door of our Green Island, NY headquarters, scrambling to get to the airport to board a hastily rebooked flight, this one enroute to the Netherlands, where I will be a judge at the Dutch Postcode Lottery’s Green Challenge business plan competition September 14th, I paused and had one of those moments where you realize you have just traveled through time. I’m sure it&rs...

Ecovative Co-Founder and CEO Eben Bayer Returns to Premier International Green Business Plan Competition as Judge after Winning the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2008

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Green Island, NY – Eight years after winning the premier international green business plan competition, Ecovative Design CEO and Co-founder Eben Bayer is returning to judge the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. Bayer, the only prior winner on the panel, will join four others in selecting the most promising eco-friendly business idea among...

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Green Island, NY – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Federal regulations to reduce public exposure to toxic formaldehyde emissions from engineered wood, announced today, cite Ecovative’s formula for biofabricating MycoBoard™ panels as...

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