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We Grow Materials

Pioneer and World Leaders in Mycelium Technology

Ecovative’s Green Island Front Door
Ecovative’s Green Island Instron Testing Area
Ecovative’s Green Island Facility
Ecovative’s Green Island Office

Ecovative Is...

a biomaterials company growing award-winning products with mycelium.

Sq. Footage
Office Pets
Standard Growth Time
7 days
Mycelium materials produced last year
1 million lbs.

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We keep our most popular products in stock and ready for purchase! Check out our Shop for a look at our currently available products.

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Buy Custom Products

Not seeing what you need in our shop? Good news! Anything you can imagine that is thermoformable, we can grow into a custom shape. Use our quoting tool to get the process started.

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Our Pilot Plant

Ecovative’s pilot plant manufacturing facility in Green Island, NY is where we use the magic of mycelium to bring grown products to life. Click below if you’d like to learn to more about how our process works.

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We Research...

Wet Labs and Chem Labs for strain and material development.

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We Test...

Structural testing, drop testing, heat and humidity aging.

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We Grow...

Standard packaging shapes, custom molded shapes, structural cores, and flat panels.

How It Works

Read more about how we use mycelium to create packaging, building materials, and consumer products.

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Licensing & Commercial Development

Ecovative holds broad patents in over 31 countries. Want to use our mycelium composite technology in your region?

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“Don't Do Nonsense!”

- Burt Swersey, Inventor, Professor, Dreamer, and Mentor