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Our Pilot Plant

Ecovative’s Pilot Plant manufacturing facility in Green Island, NY is where we use the magic of mycelium to bring grown products to life.

We have two main methods of growing mycelium products.

Molded Shapes and Aerated Bed Reactor

Molded Shapes

At Ecovative, we use recyclable thermoformed trays to grow our molded shapes. These trays are reusable and we cycle them every four days.

Our molded shapes platform is best for applications like packaging, home accessories, and other smaller molded shapes where complex geometry is important.

Standard Shapes in our Shop

We keep our most popular molded shapes in stock and ready for purchase! Check out our Shop for a look at our available products.

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Custom Molded Shapes

Not seeing what you need in our Shop? Good news! Anything you can imagine that is thermoformable, we can grow into a custom shape. Use our quoting tool to get the process started.

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Quick Info

Grow Time

7 days

Min. Size of Shape

2 in. x 2 in. x 2 in.

Max. Size of Shape

18 in. x 18 in. x 5 in.


  • Packaging
  • Home Accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Small, Complex Shapes
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Step 1: We create CAD drawings for your shape

Molded shapes step 2 ec31d243987ff95d834c9478066efd3bd28f57c871d0cc594ff905d45a1d8cf3

Step 2: We create custom tooling for your shape

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Step 3: We grow a prototype for you to approve

Dell Molded Shape Case Study

We designed packaging components to replace fabricated EPE-polyethylene foam parts that provide cushioning and bracing in large packages for Dell servers. These packages tip the scales at over 200lbs (90kg), and these sensitive servers require the utmost protection. Ecovative’s packaging design team worked with Dell's packaging engineers to create a shape that would protect the hard drives from experiencing damaging G loads in the event of a drop.

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mCore Structural Panels

Ecovative has also developed a manufacturing system to grow large blocks of mycelium composites. These are typically used in structural applications such as door cores, furniture cores, and building construction.

Ecovative’s mCore Structural boards are produced using our patented biomaterials platform which uses mycelium, a self assembling biological binder, to grow a lightweight gap filling glue. 100% BioBased mCore Structural boards meet the highest standards for sustainable goods, including C2C Gold Certification, yet perform well in demanding applications. Standard Properties can be downloaded here, though can be modulated for custom orders.

Unlike our molded shapes, Ecovative's mCore Structural boards are produced using our Aerated Bed Reactor process. Panels are cut from very large blocks which are grown over the course of 9 days in modified industrial composting infrastructure. The growth process is robust enough to operate in open lanes within an inexpensive standard warehouse, unlike many existing bio-materials processes which require highly sterile growth environments. While our average production cost out of our Green Island facility ranges from $30-60 per cubic foot based on the very small scale of operation, these materials can be produced for under $2/cubic foot when implemented at the scale of existing compost infrastructure.

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Quick Info

Grow Time

10 days

Max. Size of Block

4 ft. x 8 ft. x 4 ft.


  • Large flat panels
  • Door cores
  • Building construction