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Ecovative is a diverse group of engineers, biologists, artists, and designers— all dedicated to the development of high performance, environmentally conscious materials across a range of industries.

Board of Directors:

Board eben 45a375e2091dcd54197adb95eae5edb3e48d970248719700bdd857b9ef34f141

Eben Bayer

Board gavin b616831c95f48c9d4adea522171ccd160e8b8ceea5e6224fd11480ccfc8c0db5

Gavin McIntyre

Board richard 7b2e12376cfe7b9de5f2c1496d8e9f0f678be2bf7ff30801ddf6950b11f52bd3

Richard Kelson

Board charles 3fa1f2ee992211536e52fadd33546c4282b8dbf96d4feba03b5a82a4459dce1b

Charles Deull

Board jerry c4f4dd496eecca7a7285b11e4d441c288c725081c74cc0d623ad59d8bd3ffe06

Jerry Weinstein


Our Values

  • Growth: to commit to continuous improvement in ourselves and our work.
  • Teaching: to help others see, understand, and create.
  • Exploration: to probe the secrets of the hidden kingdom beneath our feet.
  • Agency: You create the change. Here. And in the world.
  • Stewardship: use biology to create materials that enhance & preserve the earth.

If you are interested in joining our team, visit our Careers page.