Mushroom® Surfboards

Grown from patented material technology, the cores of these first generation boards are grown with Cradle to Cradle Gold CertifiedCM technology and made only in America.

To surf is to be one with nature while riding the energy of a wave; many of today's surfboards are constructed of materials that are unnatural and can be damaging to nature. Ecovative is using Mushroom® Materials to grow bio-based, biodegradable, and rapidly renewable surfboard blanks, fins, and handplanes. These boards will decompose when broken, discarded, or lost in the ocean, effectively reducing toxic marine debris.

Technology Available for Testing

Ecovative has showcased its first generation surfboard blanks, and is collaborating with the industry's top surfboard manufacturers and shapers to advance this sustainable technology. Ecovative's Mushroom Material technology also provides a platform for growing handplanes and fins.

Blank Core

Grown from agricultural waste and mycelium, this core will eventually decompose when broken, discarded, or lost in the ocean, effectively reducing toxic marine debris.

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Ecovative exchanges non-natural fins with a Myco Board wood-replacement. Using a variation of Myco Foam production, Ecovative grows an easily cut or custom molded material with the same strength-weight ratio as typical MDF.

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Hand planes suffer from similar limitations; they are predominantly constructed from toxic foams or non-rapidly-renewable woods. Ecovative can mold an existing handplane design (whether wood or foam), requiring only finishing.

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Why Surfboards?

Ecovative's Mushroom Materials address the accumulation of ocean plastics by replacing expanded polystyrene and other plastics with two distinct applications of our materials. Beyond Mushroom Packaging, the second application is a direct substitution for many marine and freshwater foam-based plastics. Ecovative's Mushroom Materials float, are comparable, and have other structural characteristics that make it excellent for use in marine applications.

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