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a leading biomaterials company growing high performance, premium, award-wining products that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable. Ecovative products enable customers—including Fortune 500 companies, international mills, and furniture makers—to meet their design, production, and delivery needs while achieving sustainability goals.

Ecovative Interiors

Ecovative’s new sustainable, healthy product line available now for home and office interiors.

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Featured Materials

Myco Board

Current applications: furniture components and work surfaces

​MycoBoard is a premium, customizable, certified sustainable engineered wood. It is bound together using mycelium—“nature’s glue”—which is formaldehyde-free, safe, and healthy. This versatile, non-toxic engineered wood, which offers acoustic and fire-resistant properties, can be molded into custom shapes or pressed into boards, making it an ideal solution for the architectural and design community.

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Myco Foam

Current applications: packaging - In development applications: insulation, acoustics

Replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with our Earth friendly alternative! Today we’re making Mushroom® Packaging- a protective packaging product that companies like Dell and Stanhope Seta are using today. We’re also developing Mushroom Insulation and acoustics, core materials, and aquatic products.

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Myco Make

Current applications: teddy bears, balls, anything you can imagine!

Our Grow It Yourself program is a chance for you to create your own projects and products with our raw material! Get all of the tools you need to do it here.

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“If we are going to continue to grow and prosper as a people, we can't be reliant upon materials that can't be upcycled or reused in the future.”

- Gavin McIntyre, Chief Scientist of Ecovative

MakerShed.com – Webstore to the Maker Community – Now Features Ecovative’s GIY (Grow It Yourself) Mushroom® Material Kits

Written by Ecovative | 05/18/16

Green Island, NY – MakerShed.com – the official webstore of the Maker movement – now features Ecovative’s GIY (Grow It Yourself) materials, used by curious designers, educators, students, and other innovators to make environmentally friendly, healthy, sustai...

Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer Urges Innovators and Investors to tap “Nature’s Toolkit” to Create a Circular Economy

Written by Ecovative | 05/12/16

 Keynotes U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation 2016 Sustainability Forum  Green Island, New York, US – Eben Bayer, co-founder and CEO of world leading biomaterials company Ecovative Design outlined his vision for a sustainable economy powered by “nature’s toolkit,” biological technology, in a keynote address ...

Ecovative launches new interior design products

Written by Larry Rulison | 05/04/16


Ecovative working with designers to decorate your office with mushrooms

Written by Chelsea Diana | 05/04/16


Ecovative Introduces Wall Tile Designs for Healthy Interior Solutions

Written by Ecovative | 05/03/16

Partner with leading designers using sustainable MycoBoard™ and MycoFoam™   Green Island, New York, US –World leading biomaterials company Ecovative Design has launched a new line of wall tile solutions. Grown using mycelium, “nature’s glue,” these unique, high-performance, premium product...

The greenhouse that acts like a beetle and other inventions inspired by nature

Written by Bruce Watson | 04/10/16


Ecovative's co-founder can grow anything out of mushrooms.

Written by Emily Siegel | 03/15/16


Replacing Petroleum Based Products with Breakthrough Biomaterials

Written by Tess Burzynski | 03/10/16


Inside Our Troy Facility

Written by Ecovative | 03/07/16

In February, we had announced that we were opening a second manufacturing plant in our neighboring town of Troy, NY. This facility was an exciting project for us because it was going to take our packaging production line that was located in Iowa and bring it right into our backyard. Well, we are excited to announce that the 20,000 square foot facility is up and running, and the team has produced over 68,000 Mushroom® parts there since J...

Troy mayor praises Ross Valve's growing Lansingburgh campus

Written by Larry Rulison | 02/16/16


Ecovative mushroom-derived plywood, gets $4 million funding, and sales to Gunlocke

Written by Bill Esler | 02/14/16


U.S. Small Business Administrator State of Entrepreneurship Address Cites Ecovative Success Story

Written by Ecovative | 02/12/16

Speech at NASDAQ Applauds Environmental Benefits of Products MycoBoard™ and MycoFoam™ Troy, NY  U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet cited Ecovative Design as one of its in...

Why this Troy tech company is ringing NASDAQ's closing bell today

Written by Chelsea Diana | 02/12/16


Ecovative Collaborates to Make Bodysurfing Handplanes Disappear

Written by Ecovative | 02/10/16

Sean Starky on the North Shore of Oahu testing the Ecovative Mushroom Board core coated with Entropy Dissolvable resin for an Enjoy Handplane, made for Patagonia.  

Sustainable solutions for set design

Written by Birgit Heidsiek | 02/08/16


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